Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Introducing my logo- Part 1

Introducing my logo: So the other day I got a call from @bishopforte that he felt led by God to create my logo. I said awesome and then I told him what I felt my logo should represent. I'll explain.  Omilola  Wellspring , Water of life and Living Water. These are the different names of the Holy Spirit.
The name Omilola means water is wealth in Yoruba. Omilolaoluwa means water is Gods wealth. This also connects to the names of the HolySpirit which are Water of life, Wellspring and Living water. 
The source of Omilola's inspiration and all the fruit that she bears is from the Holy Spirit. Without the Holy Spirit there is no Omilola.

Yellow, Gold, Black and White:
I prayed to God asking for the Colour of my brand. He said yellow. I told a PR lady and she said ah yellow is for kids. I said but that's what God said. I told my friend @lanenza and she googled it immediately and shared it with me. The Colour yellow signifies light. Yellow is a primary Colour and is the only Colour that does not mix with black however it stands out in black and is often used with black and white. Yellow is the colour of gold which signifies royalty. White signifies the Holy Spirit while black signifies the world. 
The Sunflower:
The sunflower is a beautiful plant that looks like the sun. It is often given as a gift to cheer someone up. It is regarded as the happiest plant. It is also regarded as a loyal plant. The sunflower has so many uses. 
What makes the sunflower special is that When a sunflower is at the growth stage the sunflower follows the sun and its stalk grows toward light. It tilts during the day to face the sun. When it reaches maturity i.e. the flowers are in full bloom it stops tilting towards the sun and faces East permanently. 
The sunflower represents Omilola and the Sun represents the Son of God, Jesus Christ. It is a reminder to continue to seek the Master and to be permanently connected to Him just like the Sunflower faces East permanently.

The sunflower also represents the well watered garden which is as a result of the fact that its source is from the wellspring (Omilola) which is the Holy Spirit.

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