Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Introducing my logo-Part 2

Growing up I had two reactions when I mentioned my name. "Oh wow that's a lovely name". So unique. Or "oh why water?" Then they'll look at me as though I was a mammy water(mermaid). 😆. It was always the Nigerians that were not so exposed that did that . I didn't understand because water is a blessing from God, after all 75% of the earth is made from water and we can't do without it. I asked my aunt who named me and she said don't mind them. Your name is Omilolaoluwa. Water is wealth from God. I was getting married shortly after so I made sure all my wedding print had the full name. God also began to show me what He thought about water. Water signifies the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is called Water of life, Living water, Well spring. I was happy. Then during the Masterlife discipleship course we were asked to pray to God to reveal our life's vision so I asked God to reveal my life's vision. And to my amazement, He gave me a Bible verse and it had water in it. I was like wow. (I'm not sharing my life's vision because it's too personal.) So even before I was born, even before He created me, He knew what He wanted to call me. The name you give a child is powerful and can determine their purpose. In the bible the name of a person often depicted their character. We really have to be careful what we name our children. We shouldn't give them names based on the fact that it sounds nice but we should pray for direction. My parents and Aunties named me without even knowing what God had planned. Even then as a newborn, He was interested in me. Jeremiah 1:5 says "I knew you before I formed you in your mother's womb" I hope this inspires you to ask God for your lives vision. #beinspired #beencouraged #omilola

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