Friday, December 18, 2015

Financial crisis

A lot is happening. Oil prices are going down. Developed economies are planning to increase their interest rates. The exchange rate is going up daily. So many people have lost their jobs in some of the best companies in oil and gas, telecoms and financial services. The forecast is that people need to brace themselves up for 2016. In times like this you understand that no matter how prudent you are with your finances or how you manage your finances, there are factors that are beyond your control. You can lose the value of your Savings or real estate in one moment. For children of God, you should not be fearful but instead you should be EXCITED. I love this quote that "no matter the economy of the jungle, a lion will not eat grass". The worlds system is different from Gods system. Remember money is man made. The earth is still full of riches. There is still an abundance of gold, diamonds, oil, land etc. there is still an abundance of problems to solve or diseases to cure. Imagine if God gave you the ability to discover the cure for cancer. You will be thrust into billionaire status in a minute. The Bible says "Remember the Lord for He is the one who GIVES the POWER to get wealth. The wealth is His, And He can give you the power to get it. Egypt prospered even when there was a famine in the world. This is exciting times for those who know the true source of wealth. Are you ready? #wealth #Africaspremierwealthcoach #JEHOVAHJIREH #wewillwitnesstheGODofprovision #money #dreams


  1. Thankyou for putting up this blog in days like this where everyone is interested in entertainment and gossip,more grace