Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Bigger Picture

This afternoon Omotayo came to my office for a meeting and I was holding My son,
Olaoluwa. As we were about to start the meeting I asked my nanny if she wanted to go to my co-worker, Gbeke's office to hang out with her son and another co-workers son. She said yes and I thought it was brilliant because Olaoluwa would be able to play with the other babies, my nanny would be able to chat with the other nanny and I would be able to concentrate on my meeting with Omotayo. It was a win -win situation. However Olaoluwa began to cry. He didn't want to leave me. He wanted me to carry him. He cried really hard. I didn't budge and insisted that my nanny took him downstairs. As far as I was concerned it was for his own good. Omotayo caught a revelation as this happened, she said this is how God is with us. We want something so bad and we insist on getting our way but He doesn't budge because He knows what's best for us and His decision is usually the best option for us. Her revelation made me think. It was so true.

Often times we ask God for a husband, a new car, a new job, money, wealth etc but nothing happens. We get upset and we complain. We insist on our way. Father you must bless me today. We give Him deadlines on when He must answer us. He must answer us now or never. However from Gods perspective, He doesn't budge. He is not manipulated to answer when you want it. This is because He sees the bigger picture. He knows what is good for you. He knows what is best for you. 

Olaoluwa would have been better off playing with the other children. This would improve his interpersonal skills. He would also be motivated to achieve higher milestones as they are older than he is. Unfortunately he couldn't see the bigger picture. He wanted to be with mummy and couldn't careless about improving his interpersonal skills. It's the same way when we first tried to get him to crawl. We insisted on putting him on the floor periodically however each time, he would cry for us to pick him up. We knew what was best for him and so we didn't budge. Today he is crawling all over the place and is happy that he is able to move and discover new things. Infact now I'd rather carry him as opposed to crawling so that he doesn't hurt himself or break valuable items in the house. If we gave in to his cries he wouldn't be crawling today.

Is there something you have been waiting on God for? Is there something you are anxious about? Are you wondering why He hasn't answered your prayers? Rest in the fact that He sees the bigger picture. He knows what is good for you. He created you. He is your Father and He would only give you what you need when you need it. He is never late. He wants the best for you. He is teaching you something.  God created time but He is not limited by time and He does not exist in time. At the right time, when He believes you are ready, He would give you that thing you have been seeking and asking for. Remember delay is not denial. #beinspired #beencouraged


  1. Thank you for this. God indeed sees the bigger picture. I hope to always remember this when things don't go as planned. Thanks once again

  2. I'm really inspired.

    Thank you for sharing this inspiring observation.

  3. Thanks this is a word in due season