Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Ten Commandments of Social Media

On Sunday, the teens at church were asked to write down 10 things, Jesus won't do on Social Media. When I heard what they wrote I was like WOW and this is coming from the younger teens as the older ones are back in school. I though got to share because I thought what they wrote was actually very profound and we can all learn from it. I think they missed one though (Thou shalt not boast) lol. Enjoy: This is what they wrote:

1) He won't spend 24hours on Social Media,He would have a life.
2) He won't snap back or retailiate when people post negative comments
3) He will do a Phil 4v8 check on everything he posts ,likes or follows.
4) He wont swear or use obscenities or entertain anyone who does
5) He wont be judgemental or hypocritical
6) He wont take nude selfies or follow anyone who does. (They actually mentioned names)
7) He won't like any page or follow anyone who promotes things that grieves His daddy or is negative.
8) He would use his page not just for fun stuff but also to spread the gospel.
9) His goal will not be mere popularity but to affect lives positively
10 ) He will remember that he represents his father and his social media pages should reflect that as well.

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