Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Symbiotic Relationship between the Flower and the Bee

"The flower doesn't dream about the bee. It blossoms and the bee comes" - Omilola 

The relationship between the  flower and the bee is a very interesting one. It is called symbiosis.

Flowers produce nectar which bees use to produce honey. When a bee comes to a flower to collect nectar, it delves deep down where the nectar is and their bodies become covered with dry pollen which is produced by flowers. When the bee moves to another flower in search of nectar, they take the pollens with them and the pollens fall off and are deposited in the other flower.

Flowers are dependent on this process called cross pollination in order to produce fruit to continue their lifecycle. Without the bees, the flowers would not be fruitful.

"Research reveals that bees rely on an array of visual and sensory clues such as humidity level, shape, pattern and color to discern whether flowers have something to offer. In fact, bees are known to have three times the colour recognition ability of humans" -Mercola


A lot can be learned from the symbiotic relationship between the bees and the flowers and we can apply this in our lives and businesses.

The flowers need the bees to reproduce. This is the same way in business, we need our customers, we need money etc.

A flower knows it is a flower and it focuses on being the best flower. In fact in order to attract the bees it has to blossom and make sure it is full of nectar. This can be applied to business. 

A business owner should be focused on Excellence. The business owner should be focused on adopting the Spirit of Excellence in its business endeavours. As you focus on excellence, all that you need will come your way. 

A flower is not worried that it won't find any bee to come to it. As long it is blossoming and it is full of nectar, the bees will come. 

As long as a business is excellent in the service it provides or the products it produces, clients will come, money will come. Unfortunately a lot of people neglect what is important and focus on getting customers or looking for or making money at all costs but what happens is that when the customer comes, the customer or client is put of with the substandard service or over priced product and they never return. 

This can also be applied as an employee. The best way to get a pay rise is by being excellent in what you do. In fact what worked for me as an employee was not just to do my job very well but to take on extra responsibilities. In all the places I worked in I always did more than was required. I always went the extra mile and sooner or later, my employers had no other choice but to increase my pay because of the value I was creating. 

A very good example is in the case of Daniel in the Bible. Daniel was appointed to work with the King. The book of Daniel Chapter 6 verse 3 says "Daniel was promoted to one of the 120 governors over Babylon: “Then this Daniel became distinguished above all the other presidents and satraps, because an EXCELLENT spirit was in him.  And the king planned to set him over the whole kingdom.”

The key word here is excellence. 

Let us look at the definition of Excellence.


Wikipedia defines Excellence as a talent or quality which is unusually good and so surpasses ordinary standards. 

Another definition by the Free dictionary is the state, quality, or condition of excelling; superiority.

Synonyms include Synonyms: arete, class, distinction, eminence, excellency, fineness, goodness, greatness, high quality, merit, perfection, preeminence, purity, quality, superbness, supremacy, transcendence, virtue, worth, éclat.

As you focus on being excellent in your business, money will come. Customers will come, more business will come. 

A lot of people are going around hustling, looking for money and customers. Imagine if the flower forgets about beautiful beautiful, colorful and producing nectar and is going about hustling for bees. Imagine if a flower decides it also wants to be a tree or an animal?

I love this quote by Dekola "God gave man work in the garden of Eden by it turned into hustle when man sinned".  

God expects us to work and be excellent in the work He has given us. It is His priority to send the bees. 
I have outlined 7 tips you can adopt to enable you to be excellent but let me first of all talk about a woman and her purpose. 
This can also be applied to a woman looking for a man for marriage. The Bible says a man finds a wife and a woman chooses. Unfortunately we don't adhere to this and women are going about looking for spouses. 
 Focus on your purpose
A woman should be focused on her purpose and it is in her place of purpose that the man that is meant for her will come and find her. 
This is what happened in one of the greatest love stories in History. Ruth and Orpah lost their husbands who were brothers. Their mother-in-law Naomi told them to return to their families and home land so they could remarry. Orpah left but Ruth decided to stay and take are of the woman who was now her mother. She followed Naomi back to her homeland and went to the fields to work so that she could earn a living for her and Naomi. It was while she was working that the owner of the field Boaz, a man of integrity found her. They got married after that. Ruth had faith that she would be fine as long as she was doing what she was supposed to be doing and God sent her a great man.

Like a flower a woman should focus on purpose. In her single years, she should discover her purpose and adopt the spirit of excellence. As she blossoms, like in the case of the flower where the bees are attracted to the flower with discount Colour, pattern, shape and level of nectar, her husband would find her.


I have outlined 5 tips that would help you imbibe Excellence in all your endeavours

1. Desire the spirit of excellence
2. Believe you can achieve it
2. Benchmark against the best 
3. Read up and gain knowledge on being excellent
4.Set goals on how you would achieve this 
5. Develop a plan 
6. Work Hard
7. PRAY for the Spirit of Excellence and ask the Holy Spirit to help you (MOST IMPORTANT TIP). 

I hope you are encouraged to imbibe the spirit of excellence in your business, in your relationships, in your work, in your finances, and most especially your relationship with God. As you do so, all that you desire will come your way. 

So what area of your life do you desire to be Excellent in?
(c) Omilola

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