Sunday, September 27, 2015


This morning, I received an email from someone who had written to me initially on the 31st of May, 2015. Ordinarily I wouldn't share this, as confidentiality is key,  but she asked me to share this to encourage someone. I'm sharing it also to encourage someone out there to continue to pray and believe. The first time I received Rose's (FAKE NAME) email, I replied her and said I will pray with her. Now sometimes we say things like this without actually making the effort to consistently pray but this time, the Holy Spirit nudged me to be consistent. So for the first time ever, I set an alarm to pray for Rose, at 11am every morning. Sometimes when the alarm goes off all I'll say is Lord please bless her, other times I'll pray longer.
There is power in prayer and I hope this testimony encourages you to keep praying and believing God. He is never late. He is always on time. Suddenly your life will change forever. I'll copy and paste all our emails starting from the first one she sent.

Dear Omilola, 

First of all, big congrats to you on the birth of your cute baby boy, I read your testimony following up to his birth and I was reminded that there is a God who loves his own. 

Please forgive me for taking this long to email you, truth is I am a very discreet person, the story is long and I debated if I should confide in you as you are very encouraging and all I really need is a constant reminder that God will answer me and someone to join their faith with mine for my expectations. I don't like pity at all, thus the debate and delay in emailing you. 

Like I stated earlier, the story is long but I won't bore you with unnecessary details, I will just give you the basics. I am 28years and I have had a very very rough life for as long as I can remember. Now,  I am the first of three kids of a struggling family. 10 years ago , my dad struggled to send me to Canada for my undergrad, a year to the end of my degree, I got expelled for plagiarism(which in retrospect I was guilty of), now I know better. As you can imagine, my world was turned upside down. After being disowned by my dad, I decided to move to UK to start over, I was determined to be a graduate. Anyway, it was tough. Took an army of people to help convince my daddy to struggle to sponsor me, by that time, things were very challenging,financially. To cut long story short, I started my law degree in UK and it was hell. For months, I had no job and no place of my own. I was squating with everyone who could allow me sleep over one night at a time, I experienced reproach, hunger, depression, sexual and verbal abuse, you name it. There were times I would sleep over in toilet cubicles in westfield mall. I was determined. 

Fast forward to last year my final year, I almost got deported for owing balance of my tuition because things were challenging back home but God in his mercies used the VC of my uni, to make an exception for me alone. It was like film trick. They allowed me to write my exams but insisted that I would not have my certificate till I pay up. Last year my visa expired and my fiance didn't send me ticket till about four hours till my flight, I won't bore you with how much he struggled to raise the cash. It was stressful, Omilola. I came back home with nothing but my life to show for all my years abroad, I was devastated. It took me 10 years to get a degree....

I studied Law by the way and as I speak,    I have missed out on law school for this year for obvious reasons. But since I have a passion to cook, I have been cooking for people for a fee, so I am not wasting away. I pray things get better and God enlarges my coast.

 See, I have a fiance who led me back to God. Because when the whole unfortunate expulsion happened I made up my mind that God didn't love me. I lived in pain and anger till we started dating. Almost 2 years now and he has helped me retrace my steps back to God. He has also been through his hell,still is, but I won't divulge without his consent. Bottomline is, he lost everything about five years ago and now both of us are just solely dependent on God for every single thing. It is our heart desire to be man and wife this year but let me just say that it will take the type of the miracle of parting of red sea to make it happen. My mom has been very anxious that my fiance hasn't come to ask for a date, he is honestly waiting for the manifestation of God's lifting before he does. It is a known fact that women from my father's side don't marry but I know that curse is broken over my life. We walk by faith and not sight, right? 

Bottomline of my reaching out to you again, is just so you can encourage me, pray with me and believe God with me that God will turn me and my fiance's tears to laughter. I sometimes forget that God's timing is not ours and I need a reminder. My fiance is always encouraging me and telling me God will come through but I like to hear it from someone like you, who has had countless testimonies. I pray that I share a huge testimony with you soon, Omilola. God bless you and yours, always. 


Thank you for writing to me. I apologise for the delay in responding. I needed time before responding.

Wow just reading your story again and I see you have been through so much. I also see that Gods hand is upon you as He has kept you this far. In all things we give thanks and you have so much to be thankful for. We give thanks for your life for when you have life you have hope. We thank God for health, for health is true wealth. See I read something the other day which is a declaration that says "I am grateful for all the things that could have been prayer points in my life but that aren't." We thank God that you are not in hospital or running around looking for money to help a sick family member. There is so much to be thankful. 

A lot of things happen to us in life and we wonder why but we rest in the fact that as the Bible says all things work out for good for those who love Him. I have a lot of testimonies because I too have gone through many tests and trials, for there is no testimony without a test and no triumph without a trial. What keeps me going through all those tests is Gods love. Sometimes I get angry and sad and feel that why me Lord but the good thing that I'm learning is to always voice my feelings to God like you would do to your friend or fiancĂ©. Tell Him exactly how you feel and He will speak to you, comfort you and uplift you. Just today I was feeling quite down but before the end of the day, He had sent me words of encouragements. There is no great person on this earth that hasn't passed through many trials. Just look at the likes of Oprah, Maya Angelou, Martin Luther King and even people from the Bible like Joseph, David, Moses etc. So we count it all joy. 

I'm glad that you are finding something to do to make ends meet like cooking. Maybe this is the path God wants for you. Sometimes we want the big professional titles but sometimes the blessings come in the little things. Make the best of what you have now and where you are. Focus on being the best cook ever. Develop your potential. There is a lady on Instagram I follow her name is Yetunde Shorters. She is a cook and also a PR person. The other day I was chatting with someone and we agreed that it is now a trend and it's fashionable to be a chef in Nigeria. This is the right time to be in the food business. 

With regards to marriage, I believe God gives a vision and the provision. The mistake a lot of people make is that they are waiting for provision before running with the vision. So they won't marry until there is a financial break through however God seldom works that way.

If God has given you and your fiancĂ© a vision to get married, then you must take the step of faith, believing Him to take make a way where there is no way. 
You know sometimes God withholds certain things from us so we can depend on Him daily. If He gave us everything we needed we won't need Him.

Also we are redeemed from the curse through Christ's finished work on the cross. So no family curse can come over you. You need to believe in His finished work and not any curse. The bible says as a man thinketh so is He. We must make sure our beliefs are in line with Gods will for our life. Fear is to the devil what faith is to God. What you fear will come to pass, just as what you have faith for will come to pass. So which would you rather have. 

Please don't lose hope. God is on the throne and He will surely come through for you if you believe. He loves you so so much. Just keep seeking Him and all things would be added to you.

I hope you feel encouraged. I'll keep you in my prayers and I sure can't wait for you to share your testimony because I know you will surely do.

Take care and Godbless you


P.s. Please stay in touch .


Dear Omilola, 

I trust you and the family are well.
I felt so down the last time I emailed you but God has started oh!

Last Friday, my fiance was made a director of a big corportation. It happened so fast, it all happened within a month. The basic salary package, Bonus, insurance, perks are just directly from God as compensation. Here is someone who has hardly made any money in the last five years.

I mean the job comes with business class tickets for himself and me. Handsome contribution towards our unborn kids' school fees,shopping allowance ooooooo !!!!  Influencial people he lost contact with are already calling and want to do business. 

I have been so numb with thanksgiving since Friday, I am so stunned. This time last month, we both had less than 10,000 naira combined. 

I promised I will share any testimony with you and here it is oh. By all means encourage someone with this not to give up, but please I'd like to remain anonymous. 

Thank you for encouraging me when you did, it helped me not give up. I pray God continues to ignite your fire so you can continue to be a blessing. 

NB: Can you imagine we are now actually projecting next year to marry? This time last month we had no clue! God is something else. 

Warmest Regards


  1. Hmmmmm our God is always faithful,l pray l experience such turn around for good financial in Jesus name Amen

  2. Wow! Reading this has sent shivers down my spine. God is not sleeping!!! He is fully awake and alive. To God be the glory! Thanks for sharing.

  3. God is awesome, He never fails!!!! Thank God for this wonderful testimony, may He perfect all that concerns you in Jesus name. I am encouraged.

  4. Halleluyah! God is never late. I pray for grace to wait upon the Lord. All things work together for good to them that live the Lord. His blessings maketh rich and add no sorrow. I rejoice with this sister and her partner. God bless you. May God in his unending mercy answer my prayers to him too, Amen!

  5. God is still in the business of doing good.